RELEASE your mind magic. REJECT your bullshit. & LIVE unfucked.

my life is #fucked

Yeah, I hear you. I FEEL you. I lived that life. A life full of stress. Anxiety. Overwhelm. Anger. Jealousy. Unfulfillment. Fear. Sadness. Lack. Empty. #brokeasafuckingjoke. Lost. Unhealthy. Perpetually tired. Easily distracted. Negative. Unfixable. Bad skills in the #momhoodz. (Read BAD. Not badass.) Drained. Lonely. #Stuck.

I knew I was meant for more. Like, REALLY BIG fucking shit. But I was always in my own way. I’d sabotage anything that got me on the right track. I was downright #mean&nasty to myself. All the time. A loop of negative bullshit going on in my head. Well, okay, we aren’t here to talk about the past, right? Yours, nor mine.

We are HERE. #now. To focus on the present and the future. Making some drastic changes to get us all nice and #unfucked & #unstuck.

what? how are we gonna do that?

Well, see, here’s a story for you. As we grow from little kids who believe #anythingispossible into who we are now, we have encountered some unfortunate programming in our brains. Whether it was done by other people or we did It to ourselves on accident. It happened. We can have all kinds of shit programmed in there that we don’t want. Shitty habits, shitty beliefs, shitty self-esteem issues, shitty blocks. It’s pretty #shitty, in case you didn’t pick up on that.

So…. We decide to make some changes. To go from #shitty to #fuckyea! Find someone to guide us to reprogram the whole damn thing. Or parts of it. (Hey, that’s me by the way. Im the guide you want to get all up in yo’ business to do some programming). The way we do that? It’s incredibly simple.

#hi hypnosis

Wait. What? What the fuck is hypnosis? Like, what those people did at the county fair? Where they made my Grandma June cluck like a chicken every time someone rings the doorbell?

No. Not like that. Im not gonna force any kind of chicken dance or crotch itch on you.

The shit we do round here is #lifechanging for the best. I help you to… get all… nice and physically relaxed. Kinda like…. A meditation or deep relaxation session. Your mind is totally focused and mentally present. You are *AWARE* of what’s goin on, you are just too relaxed to give a shit. Distractions fade. And #YOU get to focus on what you came for. Deep, lasting, effective #change.

When you are in this #superrelaxed state, we get to utilize the deepest part of your mind to create new habits, take away old habits, create or adjust mindsets and facilitate shifts. Kicking all that shit that was keeping you #fucked to the curb.

the end

Don’t just take my word for it. I mean, you totally can. I’m trust worthy and the kind of friend that would never lead you astray. But, in case you don’t know me well enough to know that yet >> There’s testimonials out there. People who have #unfucked and #unfucked real good. We’d totally welcome you over here on the victory squad.

I started doing Teanna’s hypnosis audio’s a week ago & let me just say… I have never experienced hypnosis like this before. I’ve been aware of the power of the subconscious mind for several years now, but in talking with Teanna these past few weeks I have a whole new understanding & appreciation for using hypnosis & the ability to gain even greater freedom through this amazing tool. If you are wanting to level up & release baggage + gain freedom, I highly recommend Teanna & everything she has to offer. I also recommend diving into understanding why hypnosis is such a powerful tool for shifting the subconscious. I know she has a lot she’s written on it so do yourself a favor & study up! It’s absolutely mind blowing.

-Christyana Dimitri
Founder & CEO of @HausOfDimitri

The universe conspired to bring Teanna & i together, for sure. I have had a rough life, especially these last few years. I have been through a miscarriage, health issues, having a rainbow baby & being a new mom, a newly wed and i was enrolled as a full-time student.
My life & mental health were completely out of balance. The week i withdrew from school i connected with Teanna about hypnosis. The week following my first session was amazing & continues to be amazing. I immediately began feeling a mental shift toward positivity & it felt like a weight had been lifted. It felt like someone had given all of my chakras a good & bubbly rainbow filled scrub & i immediately felt the removal of certain negative thoughts!!! I feel like hypsosis is a necessary part of my mental health journey & it will always be a part of my life 💯✌😍