The Course

We'll just get right to it. No need for the long ass, dramatic 5 pages of me yappin at you. That's so gross.

When you think about Manifestation or the Law of Attraction or about creating shifts in your life, do any of the following phrases pop in your head?

- "What am I doing wrong?"

- "Why does this bullshit work for everyone else?"

- "It's not real. It never works for me."

- "What the fuck am I missing?"

- "How can I be so good at manifesting some stuff, but not the rest of the shit I really want?"

- "It's so fucking confusing."

I know. You get frustrated. Desperate. Maybe even angry. It brings on those feelings of not being as good as everyone else, or not being as worthy. That heavy failure feeling. A betrayal from the Universe for not giving you the shit that it gives to other people.

So... you keep doin' it. And doin' it. Thinking that <EVENTUALLY> this has to work. Just crossing your fingers & waiting for the day that life does a 180.

Or you give the fuck up. Decide that this shit is for the special, magical folk, and you clearly aren't in that club. Why . Fucking . Bother .

LOOK it's not you. #Swearsies. It's all in the details that no one ever talks about. They're good at talking about WHEN it happened for them, but not how. Probably because they don't *ACTUALLY* understand it. Or... they do know the how.... but won't tell you until you hire them for $5K a month because.... they're manifesting too boo 😘

No one talks about your secret weapon. The most important tool you have that lies at the center of your manifestation game. Or hoe to train it to be your very own //MANIFESTATION MAGICIAN//

So I will. It's your subconscious mind. And it's a pretty big fucking deal. Once you learn how to master that bitch, your life is never the same. In the best way.

See.... The Law of Attraction is REALLY all about talking to your subconscious mind.

  • What words you use
  • HOW you use the words
  • WHEN you use the words
  • AAAANNNDDDD the shit that's <EVEN MORE> powerful than words.

When your words, your vibes, your feelings & your images all come into alignment >> Some REAL badass shit starts happening in yo' life. Major shifts occur. And huge leaps forward happen almost overnight. Well, in hindsight it {feels} like overnight. Which is pretty much the same, eh?

AND THIS BITCH, this course, right here, that you are reading about now, has been designed to do EXACTLY that. To teach you how to communicate with your subconscious in new ways that release the bullfuckery & align the fuck out of some magic. To train your mind to be your very own manifestation magician.

How, you are probably questioning to yourself?

Like dis 👇👇

  • Private Facebook group EXCLUSIVELY for members who are participating in this live action course. AKA > endless amounts of support, love, question answering, and solidarity. And oh hey! Me too!!
  • GUIDED workbooks. WE will do them together, as a group, and discuss each days assigment DAILY (Yeah, that super badass kind of support & accountability that other courses kind of miss).
  • DAILY videos pertaining to lessons & assignments.
  • WEEKLY live Q&A videos. You are legit never alone in this.
  • Daily 6-7 minute hypno-meditations.
  • EXCLUSIVE hypnosis session to remove & release blocks associated with manifestation.

This is NOT a "join & ye shall have it" kind of course. There is no promise of specific amounts or outcomes by the end (We'll actually even talk about why that's a bad idea...)

There IS a shit ton of support. And even more accountability. And so much fucking growth. Like, the kind that will blow your mind and have you yelling "WHERE HAS THIS BEEN ALL MY LIFE?!" by the end of the course. Bu probably more like day 3.....

This course is about THE WAY YOU LIVE YOUR LIFE. And implementing daily practices to bring your bullshit into your awareness. Giving YOU the power to evolve & refine YOUR magic powers.

It starts October 22ND.

It runs for 42 days.

(Six weeks)

And it changes your life FOREVER.

If you are the kind of bitch who is done playin' and is ready to STEP INTO YOUR POWER to get what the fuck you want from life >> Then we're real fucking happy to have you in here.

Your Instructor

Teanna Campbell
Teanna Campbell

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Available in days
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Frequently Asked Questions

When does the course start and finish?
This course will begin October 10, 2019. It will run for 6 weeks, ending on November 28th.
How long do I have access to the recordings?
Bitch. Those are yours to keep FOREVER and use over & over again.
What if I am unhappy with the course?
I would never want you to be unhappy! I mean, life is too short for that fucking shit. If you somehow feel like there is absolutely no value in the course, I'll refund your money. Some questions maybe asked.

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