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When :: April 26 - 29
Where :: Sedona, AZ
Lodging :: Included
Meals :: Included
Travel :: Your Responsibility

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What you feel::

Overwhelmed. Stuck.

Angry & frustrated.

Unseen. Unheard.

Dark. Confused. & maybe even lost.

Your biz isn't performing. It isnt making the money that you know you are capable of creating.
Your life isn't performing. Everything feels like an overwhelming mess.

Broke & broken.

Stuck in your own damn head.

Nothing seems to have really worked. & that's confusing as hell because you have DONE THE SHIT that they told you to do. Watched the webinars. Bought the courses. Maybe you actually even DID the course.

But the joy is missing. & the results aren't there.

You're trying to be high vibe. & It's just not fucking working.

So your wheels are spinning. Doin' the same shit, over & over.

You get glimpses of your vision. And your soul KNOWS that you are meant for meant for more. You feel that shit in your bones. And in your heart. Your inner mind screams out :: "THERE'S GOT TO BE MORE!!"

But even that is depressing as hell. Because "how the fuck do I get there?!" pops in.

"What the hell do I do?"

So instead, you dream of just giving up. Of settling for what you have now, and learning how to be happy. How to be OKAY with feeling unfulfilled. & just appreciating what you have.

Or maybe, you go hella deep & DO give up. But then just start again, because that fire in your soul is impossible to extinguish.

In this fun little back & forth & back again process maybe you become aware of the bull-fuckery that's in your way. The resistance in your mind. Maybe you are so aware that you even identify what the heck you're doing to self-sabotage.

But you don't know WHY.

Or how the fuck to fix it.

Or what the fuck to focus on.

Or how the fuck to move forward.

& it feels low vibe as hell.

You KNOW that if you could just get THERE then shit would be different.

But.... how?


That's where we come bust the door open & bring new high vibeage into yo' life.

To help identify WHERE the self-sabotage & confusion comes from.

& what the fuck it even is.


create a plan to let it go.

To remove the space between you & your goals.

And FINALLY take those steps forward.

In a //CLEAR//


& joyful way.

Bringing those high fucking vibes into your space

& achieving those biz, life and manifestation goals.

Expanding your biz, by expanding your MIND.

Creating an awareness of the bull-fuckery in your mind, so that you can release it.

& create a mindset that SERVES you.

that elevates you.

that levels you the fuck up.

A full moon release ritual, in person hypnosis sessions, meditations, reiki healing, deep diving bombs and so much more that you can only experience IN PERSON.

When :: April 26 - 29
Where :: Sedona, AZ
Lodging :: Included
Meals :: Included
Travel :: Your Responsibility

The truth is.... I think that right here I am supposed to type more stuff where I attempt to convince you to sign up. But also, I'm not a salesperson. That has never been my forte & I don't enjoy being spammy.

What I do enjoy is changing lives. & not excluding anyone with crazy ass prices.

& inviting you to move forward.

So that's what I'll do instead.

We've created a super duper payment plan,

We've laid the offer out,

& you know if it's something that is calling to you.

or not. (But, we'll be here when you change your mind.)

But We do really hope that we get to work together. To EXPERIENCE this together.

Because, the fact that you're here, reading this, already proves that you are a pretty bomb ass bitch.

Who deserves that shift.

Your Instructor

Teanna Campbell
Teanna Campbell

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Creator & CEO of Manifest That Shit.

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Meghann Puckett “Puck”

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Reiki Master/Teacher
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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer refunds?
Due to the nature of this getaway, results are not guaranteed. It would be like holding the gym responsible for your results. No refunds are offered.
How do I get more information to plan the trip?
Itineraries and lodging info will be provided after your payment, in time to plan and make proper arrangements.

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